up2date data for ORS: new OSM Data Update Workflow for OpenRouteService

A new tool for processing and updating the street network data from OpenStreetMap (OSM), that is used in OpenRouteService.org (ORS) has been developed and tested over the last months. Now it has been deployed. Therefore the data used in ORS is now up2date again and can be updated more easily in an regular manner than in the past. Thank you Maxim, Enrico and Jo for making this possible and also for continuing further to improve ORS!

The new data is used in the classic ORS GUI, as well as the new (enhanced) beta-Version of the ORS WebGUI currently available at http://koenigstuhl.geog.uni-heidelberg.de/ors/.
PS.: check the “options” link for more advanced features and further languages. This version also features the beautiful OSM maps designed and rendered by Maxim and the OpenMapSurfer.uni-hd.de web cartography system.


We are sorry that we couldn’t realize this new version earlier, but we also had to buy and set-up new server hardware and a storage system. We have only limited financial and personnel resources without any explicit funding for making online services like ORS available for free to the community.