AGILE Workshop on Digital Earth: What the hack?

We invite you to participate in our workshop Digital Earth: What the hack?, as part of the 17th AGILE Conference on Geographic Information Science, 3-6 June 2014, Castellón, Spain.

The proposed workshop will prepare hackathons including geospatial information and processing across a variety of possible disciplines and thereby implementing Digital Earth applications. Hackathons are a promising tool for communicating (geospatial information) science and the engagement of society in research. They require detailed preparations and especially need clear challenges and methods in order to succeed. With this event, we initiate a coordinated discussion on the topic and provide the required groundwork for future realisations. We will particularly investigate possibilities for organizing parallel events as competitions between (smart) cities.

Further infos are provided here: Detailed Workshop Program

Rob Lemmens, ITC, University of Twente
Sven Schade, European Commission, Joint Research Centre
Florian Hillen, Universität Osnabrück Institut für Geoinformatik und Fernerkundung
Bernhard Höfle, Universität Heidelberg
Yola Georgiadou, ITC, University of Twente
Christine Richter, University of Amsterdam



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