GIScience -Symposium 2013 in Salzburg, Austria

Bernd, Kristina, Enrico, Günther and Johannes from our group were happy to participate in the two-day GIScience -Symposium 2013, which was organized by the Doctoral College GIScience, University of Salzburg. Salzburg’s GIScience PhD students provided insights into their topics and presented interesting intermediate research outcomes, covering a wide range of topics.

Talks in the field of VGI, data extraction & visualization, ontologies, semantics etc. have been presented and might be certainly interesting for several people in our research group. All topics were presented as posters as well, which are available at Recent publications and individual student topics can be found at

Keynote Talk by Paul Longley UCL

Well-known GIScientists including David Mark, Paul Longley, Stephan Winter, Laxmi Ramasubramanian provided fascinating keynotes, from Cognitive and Societal Impacts on Representation and Data Models to Innovating with Big Data.

Summarizing, we got in touch, again, with great people and interesting themes and topics, thereby fostering the cross-border cooperation between GIScience hotspots at Salzburg, Austria, and Heidelberg, Germany.