ISPRS Laser Scanning Workshop – 2nd Call for Papers

Laser Scanning 2013 is the 8th event of a series of ISPRS workshops covering various aspects of spaceborne, airborne and mobile laser scanning, and all terrestrial 3D ranging sensors. The workshop would like to bring together experts from different disciplines which are focused on the modeling and application of point cloud data acquired from laser scanners and other active imaging systems, such as range cameras and gaming sensors. All aspects related to sensor calibration and modeling, as well as data processing are involved.

The workshop is held in parallel with other ISPRS events: CMRT13 Workshop (Object Extraction for 3D City Models, Road Databases and Traffic Monitoring – Concepts, Algorithms, and Evaluation’), ISA13 Workshop (Image Sequence Analysis for Object and Change Detection) and ISPRS Joint Meeting on ‘Serving Society with Geoinformatics’ (ISPRS2013-SSG).

Download Call for Papers as PDF here: ls2013_second_cfp



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