Tag: Vehicle routing

  • Setting maximum speed is back in openrouteservice

    Recently openrouteservice has been updated to version 6.2 which has brought some pretty useful features to OSM-based routing. One of the main “new” features is the re-introducing of the maximum_speed parameter where users can set the maximum speed their vehicle can travel at. Though this feature was available in the past, due to implementing new […]

  • New ORS Jupyter example about Fleet Scheduling for Disaster Response with ORS and VROOM

    Routing optimization in a humanitarian context Routing optimization generally solves the Vehicle Routing Problem (a simple example being the more widely known Traveling Salesman Problem). A more complex example would be the distribution of goods by a fleet of multiple vehicles to dozens of locations, where each vehicle has certain time windows in which it can operate […]

  • OpenRouteService with waypoint optimization

    As promised earlier this year, we are very happy to finally announce the unveiling of our new route optimization endpoint! We deployed an instance of the popular Vroom open-source engine, which is capable of solving complex Vehicle Routing Problems (VRP) in record time. This type of problem always occurs when multiple locations need to be visited […]

  • GIScience Colloquium talk on Adaptive Trip Planning by Dr. Thomas Liebig

    we cordially invite everybody interested to our next open GIScience colloquium talk Adaptive Trip Planning Dr. Thomas Liebig TU Dortmund, Artificial Intelligence Unit Time and date: Tue, September 12, 10:00 am Venue: INF 348, Room 015, Department of Geography, Heidelberg University Route planning makes direct use of geographic data and provides beneficial recommendations to the public. […]