Tag: time series analysis

  • E-TRAINEE project: E-learning course on Time Series Analysis in Remote Sensing

    The E-TRAINEE project is a new collaboration project for developing an “E-learning course on Time Series Analysis in Remote Sensing for Understanding Human-Environment Interactions” with Markéta Potůčková (Department of Applied Geoinformatics and Cartography, Charles University Prague) as PI of the project and Heidelberg University, University of Innsbruck and University of Warsaw as project partners. The […]

  • Farmland abandonment in Rio de Janeiro state

    Land use change in Brazil is often associated with a loss of natural habitat (Amazon, Cerrado, Pantanal,…) driven by farmland expansion. A current analysis by a team of Brazilian and German researchers (involving HeiGIT member Sven Lautenbach) shows that for Rio de Janeiro state farmland abandonment has been an important process. Approximately 1 million hectares […]