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  • HELIOS++ v1.0.6 released

    We are proud to present the newest HELIOS++ release, v1.0.6, with numerous bugfixes and support for the unique LiVOX scan pattern (using Risley prisms – the color indicates point indices and increases from blue to red): Furthermore, the Easter bunny left some Easter eggs in the ‘toyblocks’ scene: You can find the changlelog for the […]

  • Estimating trade-offs of land use at global scale

    Land use decision involve trade-off with respect to the ecosystem service produced by the different land use systems. Agricultural use versus natural ecosystems is the main alternative for which trade-offs need to be estimated. Given the varying climatic and soil conditions this trade-off differs in space. Therefore, it is essential how agricultural land use is […]

  • Using OSM data to generate scenes for LiDAR simulations in HELIOS

    A new tutorial for the 3DGeo‘s LiDAR simulation software HELIOS has been posted to the repository’s wiki page. It shows a simple way to generate scenes of real landscapes including building and vegetation models as well as terrain from NASA JPL’s SRTM data. When applied to OSM data in the city of Vienna, the obtained […]

  • SYSSIFOSS – Synthetic structural remote sensing data for improved forest inventory models

    Airborne light detection and ranging (LiDAR) data provides reliable information on forest structure. Related forest inventory approaches recently evolved into operational tools. Today, further optimization of existing approaches is pursued to ensure high data quality of the inventory information and cost-efficiency over varied environmental and silvicultural conditions. Synthetic LiDAR data has been suggested as useful […]

  • Simulate LiDAR Acquisitions with HELIOS

    Did you ever consider planning and testing your LiDAR campaign in a computer simulation? Would you like a flexible means to generate 3D point cloud data for developing or testing methods? This is easily possible with the laser scanning simulation framework HELIOS (Heidelberg LiDAR Operations Simulator). There have been major new developments since the first […]

  • GIScience group members at the ISPRS Geospatial Week 2017 in Wuhan, China

    Last week (Sept. 18-22, 2017), our six colleagues, Prof. Alexander Zipf, Doctoral Candidate Xuke Hu, Dr. Hongchao Fan, Dr. Martin Hämmerle, Dr. Zhiyong Wang, and Dr. Wei Huang, participated in the ISPRS Geospatial Week 2017 held in Wuhan, China. In the opening ceremony on Sept. 18, 2017, the U.V. Helava Award was presented to Dr. […]