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  • Estimating trade-offs of land use at global scale

    Land use decision involve trade-off with respect to the ecosystem service produced by the different land use systems. Agricultural use versus natural ecosystems is the main alternative for which trade-offs need to be estimated. Given the varying climatic and soil conditions this trade-off differs in space. Therefore, it is essential how agricultural land use is […]

  • Invitation: Colloquium Talk by Jun.-Prof. Sven Lautenbach on Trade-offs Between Land use and Ecosystem Services

    We cordially invite all interested to our forthcoming talk in the GIScience colloquium next Monday, December 12, about quantifying trade-offs between land use and ecosystem services. Jun.-Prof. Sven Lautenbach will provide an overview of methods to assess the different environmental goods and services produced by land systems. Policy makers are in want of such information to […]