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  • GIScience and HeiGIT contributions to AGILE 2021 conference

    The AGILE 2021¬†conference is taking place this week. It is the the 24rd AGILE conference on GIScience.¬†AGILE is the Association of Geographic Information Laboratories in Europe and the 2021 conference is for the first time held as a virtual conference. As in earlier years GIScience Heidelberg and HeiGIT are contributing to the conference with several […]

  • Flood Impact Assessment on Road Network and Healthcare Access at the example of Jakarta, Indonesia

    Extreme natural events create catastrophic situations for cities and their populations. Due to climate change and anthropogenic activities, the number and intensity of these events has steadily increased at the global scale. Floods are the most common natural disaster worldwide, responsible for economic, social and life losses. Low-income countries have a death rate 23 times […]

  • Exploring OSM for healthcare access analysis in Sub-Saharan Africa

    [tl;dr] Using hospital locations and the ORS Isochrone service, we have created a method for comparing physical access to healthcare in Sub-Saharan Africa. Hospital locations were derived from OpenStreetMap and compared against another free available dataset. Results indicate strong similarity in both hospital datasets, however the uncertainty of our method requires further evaluation. Figure 1 […]

  • Matching OpenStreetMap Road Networks with Authority Data – a Polygon-based Approach

    Matching road network is an essential step for data quality assessment by using reference data. Conventionally, road network from two data sets are matched by using line-based approach which checks the similarity of properties of line segments. In new method recently published in IJGIS, a polygon-based approach is proposed to match OpenStreetMap road network with […]