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  • Diskussionsrunde zum Thema «Humanitäre Kartographie» bei den Mannheimer einander.Aktionstagen 2021

    Im Rahmen der  Aktionstage 2021 des Mannheimer Bündnis, bietet Mannheimer Mapathons e.V. eine offene Diskussionsrunde zum Thema «Humanitäre Kartographie» an. Auf dem Podium: Melanie Eckle-Elze, Benjamin Herfort (Disastermappers-HD) und Sandra Sudhoff (CartONG-France). Anschließend wird es für alle Teilnehmer*innen eine Gelegenheit geben, an einer «Probefahrt» zur Kartierung auf OpenStreetMap im PC-Raum teilzunehmen. Die Veranstaltung (live) findet […]

  • World Refugee Day: Mapathon by CartONG

    Whether you are a beginner or an advanced mapper, or just curious to learn more about why mapping is so important for humanitarian work, join us on 21 June. Support the mapping of refugee locations on World Refugee Day. It was initiated by the United Nations and takes place every year on 20 June. Its […]

  • Third International Mapathon on Mon 17.05.2021 by disastermappers heidelberg, MAMAPA, CartONG, HuMap and OSM Ghana

    Dear mappers, on Monday 17.5.2021, 18.00pm a third international mapathon together with disastermappers heidelberg, MAMAPA, CartONG, HuMap and OSM Ghana will take place, which will give you some insights in mapping for humanitarian purposes from the perspective of different organizations and people around the world! For beginners we will offer a mapping introduction as usual, […]

  • Mapathon “Mapping for International Solidarity” on 06.04

    Hello dear friends of the disastermappers heidelberg! At the moment, the Heidelberg International Weeks against Racism 2021 are running – and the disastermappers are also taking part! Why? The unequal distribution of resources is often a consequence of historical (and neo-) colonialism and related racism. This increases the vulnerability of societies in many parts of […]

  • Disastermappers Heidelberg International Mapathon on December 8th

    On December 8th at 6.30 pm the next international mapathon organized by the disastermappers heidelberg takes place! This time we map together with MAMAPA, an integration project for migrants and refugees from Mannheim, CartONG, LECLARA Larabanga and OSM Ghana. We will map HOT-Tasks 8839 and 9928, the former including the city of Wa in northwestern […]

  • Mapping against Racism – disastermappers heidelberg/GIScience bei den Internationalen Wochen gegen Rassismus in Heidelberg 2019

    Bereit seit den 1960ern werden von den Vereinten Nationen initiiert und von den UN-Mitgliedsländern zunehmend unterstützt, jährlich Internationale Wochen gegen Rassismus zum Thema Integration, Austausch und Bewusstsein gegen Rassismus organisiert. Vom 11. bis zum 24. März finden gemäß dem Motto „Europa wählt Menschenwürde“ Konzerte, Lesungen, Workshops usw. statt, um “den nationalistischen, rassistischen und autoritären Angriffen […]

  • Your support for MAnnheimer MAPAthons (MAMAPA)

    Beginning of May the recently launched MAMAPA project reached yet another milestone. Four very successful MAMAPA mapathons were already organized in the Mannheimer Abendakademie, supported by CartONG, HeiGIT/ disastermappers heidelberg and local tandems, and there are hopefully many more to come… To build a sustainable future for the MAMAPA project, members of HeiGIT, CartONG and […]