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  • New mFund project: start of SocialMedia2Traffic – derivation of traffic information from social media data

    (deutsche Version siehe unten) Up-to-date traffic information is a prerequisite for navigation solutions to determine the best route and travel time. However, there is no freely available traffic information on a global and federal level. “SocialMedia2Traffic uses freely available data from social media such as Twitter messages,” says Prof. Zipf, “to determine current traffic information […]

  • GeoNet.MRN at Smart City Expo World Congress Barcelona 2019

    Last week was the Smart City Expo World Congress 2019 took place in Barcelona. Our region geoinformation network GeoNet.MRN was there with a booth presenting the members of GeoNet.MRN, among others the GIScience Research Group / HeiGIT at Heidelberg University. We offer a range of technologies and services for building sustainable smart cities, esp. in the […]

  • New ORS Jupyter example about Fleet Scheduling for Disaster Response with ORS and VROOM

    Routing optimization in a humanitarian context Routing optimization generally solves the Vehicle Routing Problem (a simple example being the more widely known Traveling Salesman Problem). A more complex example would be the distribution of goods by a fleet of multiple vehicles to dozens of locations, where each vehicle has certain time windows in which it can operate […]

  • Solve routing optimization with VROOM + openrouteservice

    In a Vehicle Routing Problem (VRP, an example is the Traveling Salesman Problem), we are concerned with finding optimal routes for a fleet of vehicles having to reach given destinations, e.g., in order to deliver goods to customers. Due to its high computational complexity, this task requires dedicated VRP solvers, such as VROOM. In collaboration with […]