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  • LandSense Horizon 2020 A Citizen Observatory and Innovation Marketplace for Land Use and Land Cover Monitoring, project successful finished

    The Horizon 2020 LandSense project was concluded successful. Please find a selection of the produced publications and deliverables here. The project has enabled our group to pursue quality aspects of voluntarily collected geo information data and to ramp up efforts related to OSMlanduse. Together with the University of Nottingham (Giles Foody) and¬†Institut national de l’information […]

  • Successfull PhD Defence of Michael Schultz about tropical deforestation monitoring using Landsat time series and breakpoint detection

    Last week our team member Dr. Michael Schultz successfully defended his PhD Defence about Tropical deforestation monitoring using Landsat time series and breakpoint detection at Wageningen University and Research (WUR). It was supervised by Prof. Dr M. Herold (Professor of Geo-information Science and Remote Sensing at Wageningen University & Research). We congratulate cordially! Keep up […]

  • LandSense Innovation Challenge

    The LandSense Team is thrilled to announce the first LandSense Innovation Challenge, which¬†targets individuals, web-entrepreneurs, start-ups and SMEs coming from all participating H2020 countries, to present innovative IT solutions in addressing one of the three LandSense domains: Urban Landscape Dynamics, Agricultural Land Use, and Forest & Habitat Monitoring (learn more here). The focus of this […]

  • LandSense Questionnaire

    http://bit.ly/2upEw7a <- LandSense Questionnaire LandSense aims to develop an online marketplace where companies that develop IT solutions using LULC data in one of three themes – urban, rural, and forestry, can acquire this information and further develop their products. By completing this questionnaire, you help us develop and further enhance our platform. Thank you very […]

  • LandSense Stakeholder workshop 25.-26.01.2017

    During last weeks LandSense stakeholder at IIASA workshops various tools relevant for VGI data capture, Quality assessment and beyond were discussed. Potential hotshots for validation and improvement of OSMLanduse were FotoQuest and LacoWiki. Also discussed were platforms for hobby bird fans or for spatial data geeks. http://www.geog.uni-heidelberg.de/gis/land_sense.html http://osmlanduse.org