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  • Learning salience models of indoor landmarks

    In landmark-based way-finding, determining the most salient landmark from several candidates at decision points is challenging. To overcome this problem, current approaches usually rely on a linear model to measure the salience of landmarks. However, linear models are not always able to establish an accurate quantitative relationship between the attributes of a landmark and its […]

  • Today OpenRouteService at 7th GeoIT WhereCamp Conference Berlin

    Today we present the latest version and details on the technical API of OpenRouteService at the 7th GeoIT WhereCamp Conference Berlin. Tim from the Heidelberg Institute for Geoinformation Technology (HeiGIT) will talk about Consuming Open Data for Highly Customizable Route Planning He will show some examples of the very rich feature set and API of OpenRouteService […]

  • Road-based travel recommendation using geo-tagged images from social media

    Geotagged photos on social media like Flickr explicitly indicate the trajectories of tourists. They can be employed to reveal the tourists’ preference on landmarks and routings of tourism. Most of existing works on routing searches from social media are based on the trajectories of GPS-enabled devices’ users. We attempt to propose a novel approach in […]