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  • Global Health Academy 2021: workshop material online

    Last week, the Global Health Academy 2021 took place in an online format with a focus on the COVID-19 pandemics. The conference was conveyed by the Heidelberg Institute of Global Health (HIGH) and aimed at practitioners, researchers and PhD students in the public health domain. Dr. Sven Lautenbach with support by Steffen Knoblauch and Marcel […]

  • Impulse aus der Corona-Krise

    “International erfolgreiche Wissenschaft ist bislang untrennbar verknüpft mit weltweiter Reiseaktivität. Der vor allem durch Flugreisen verursachte Treibhausgasausstoß steht im Widerspruch zum Klimaschutz. Die Corona-Krise wirkte disruptiv auf etablierte Praktiken des Austauschs und zeigte plötzlich Wege auf, die zuvor kaum denkbar waren. Doch was passiert nach der Pandemie? Wie kann es gelingen, auf den Erfahrungen aufbauend, […]

  • Openrouteservice for complex route optimization in new QGIS extension by Regionalverband Ruhr

    (Deutsche Version unten) The Regionalverband Ruhr (Team 9-2 Geodata Technology) has used the potential of HeiGIT’s openrouteservice (ORS) in a new QGIS extension and thereby created another possible application for the ORS: The tool “Location and Route Optimization of Addresses” allows to search and locate addresses and to find the optimal routes between them. This […]

  • COVID-19 – Geographien der Zäsur: CfP

    Call for papers für vier Sessions zu “COVID-19 – Geographien der Zäsur” im Rahmen der #GeoWoche2021 Die COVID-19-Pandemie verändert nun bereits im zweiten Jahr Gesellschaften weltweit in tiefgreifender Weise. Diese Veränderungen sind so fundamental und betreffen so viele Bereiche des Lebens, dass sie als Zäsur bezeichnet werden können. In vier thematischen Sitzungen im Rahmen der […]

  • Find the route to your nearest Covid-19 vaccination center in Germany — new App by HeiGIT based on OpenStreetMap and openrouteservice

    Where is is the closed Covid-19 vaccination center and what is the best way to get there? A new route planning app helps you answer this questions by suggesting ways to the nearest vaccination center. You can use this route planner now at https://impfzentrum.openrouteservice.org You only have to enter a starting location or allow the automatic […]

  • Accessibility to pharmacies in Germany with 15km Covid-19 restriction

    Current lockdown regulations in Germany state that – in many but not all federal states – travel in COVID-19 hotspot regions is only allowed up to 15km distance. This has raised concerns since a 15km radius has been perceived by some as a serious constraint especially in rural regions. Clearly, this might prevent visits to […]

  • Accessibility of covid-19 vaccination centers in Germany

    Updated based on newly available vaccination center locations at the 14th of January 2021. Vaccination of a sufficiently large share of the population is considered the most important action to fight the spread of SARS-CoV -2 and resulting COVID-19 infections. Germany has started together with the majority of EU member states at the 27th of […]

  • Exploring OSM for healthcare access analysis in Sub-Saharan Africa

    [tl;dr] Using hospital locations and the ORS Isochrone service, we have created a method for comparing physical access to healthcare in Sub-Saharan Africa. Hospital locations were derived from OpenStreetMap and compared against another free available dataset. Results indicate strong similarity in both hospital datasets, however the uncertainty of our method requires further evaluation. Figure 1 […]

  • Analysing OSM Completeness of health facilities in Sub-Sahara Africa in ohsomeHeX

    A new map in ohsomeHeX provides an overview of areas in Sub-Sahara Africa where information on health facilities is still missing in OpenStreetMap (OSM). The completeness of OSM is measured by comparing to a reference dataset on public health facilities in Sub-Sahara Africa, which was developed by Maina et al. 2019. Especially in these days, […]

  • Quota for openrouteservice multi vehicle optimization increased to support logistics during Corona crisis

    Supplying medicine and food is critical not only in disasters. Due to increased global demand due to COVIDー19 HeiGIT increased the API quota for the openrouteservice multi vehicle route optimization endpoint! Now you can send up to 500 requests per day for each account for free. If you are in need for even higher problem sizes […]

  • Map of COVID-19 Research shows Clinical Trials related to Corona-virus

    Many informative maps are available to follow the spread of COVID-19. This is important information but only part of the story. The global scientific and medical communities have immediately responded to the outbreak with focused research activities. This has led to clinical trials and scientific publications worldwide. The Heidelberg Institute for Geoinformation Technology (HeiGIT) at […]