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  • Hells Bells – interactive 3D view of underwater speleothems

    In collaboration with the Institute of Earth Sciences at Heidelberg University, the 3DGeo group reconstructed underwater speleothems in a cave in Yucatán, Mexico. The so-called “Hells Bells” are fascinating formations in several sinkholes, at the boundary layer between fresh- and saltwater. The full 3D mesh model obtained from several thousand photographs taken by a professional […]

  • LiDAR Research Group investigates one of the most impressing caves in Germany

    Researchers of the GIScience research group of the Institute of Geography, the Institute of Environmental Physics of the University of Heidelberg and the Heidelberg Academy of Sciences and Humanities acquired a highly accurate 3D topographic point cloud of the Dechenhöhle, which is attached to the Speleology Museum Dechenhöhle Caves. Terrestrial laser scanning and low-cost sensing […]