Author: Sascha Fendrich

  • Analysing semantic associations in VGI data

    Volunteered Geographic Information (VGI) such as OpenStreetMap (OSM) can be a rich resource for many applications. Therefor VGI-projects have to mitigate between the requirements of the the volunteers and the machines. On the one hand, the data format should be simple and general in order to make contributing to the project easy for the volunteers. […]

  • Solve routing optimization with VROOM + openrouteservice

    In a Vehicle Routing Problem (VRP, an example is the┬áTraveling Salesman Problem), we are concerned with finding optimal routes for a fleet of vehicles having to reach given destinations, e.g., in order to deliver goods to customers. Due to its high computational complexity, this task requires dedicated VRP solvers, such as VROOM. In collaboration with […]

  • How big is OSM? Estimating the size of OpenStreetMap’s history

    In this blog post we report a small study on the size of the OpenStreetMap history data set, which we carried out in the context of developing the OSHDB. We estimated the size of OSM’s history in terms of raw data as it would be represented in a systems programming language such as C or […]