HeidelErg – live from the Erg Chebbi in Morocco (#4): Exploring physical geography and 3D GIScience in an aeolian sand dune field.

During the last three days of field work we not only acquired a lot of data at different sites in the Erg Chebbi. We also experienced various weather conditions including two sand storms, rain and sunny and hot days.

Yesterday, one group measured ground control points for satellite and photogrammetric point cloud data with an RTK GNSS all around the Erg Chebbi.

Moreover, ground penetrating radar and borehole measurements were carried out along an electrical resistivity tomography profile in order to combine subsurface information from different sensors.

The terrestrial laser scanning group continued with scanning a star dune in order to obtain a complete 3D star dune model.

We will keep you updated with further posts – stay tuned!



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