Live from the Ötztal Alps (#5): Exploring high-mountain 3D GIScience

On our last day in the Ötztal Alps, we had an exciting excursion from Obergurgl to Ramolhaus on 3006 m a.s.l. On our way up we could directly explore glacial history by passing the historical extents and related moraines of the retreating Gurgler glacier. The students also learned about geoarcheology and settlement history in the Ötztal valley, where people settle for more than 9000 years.

Moreover, we had the full view on the active rock glacier Äußeres Hochebenkar, which has been investigated for several years by the 3DGeo group.

The excursion rounded up a very interesting field trip where the students learned a lot about 3D surface and geophysical subsurface geodata acquisition in glacial and periglacial process areas.

The students would like to thank Prof. Bernhard Höfle, Dr. Stefan Hecht, and Katharina Anders for providing a wide range of methodical and content-related input and for organizing this great practical field trip in an impressive high-mountain environment.