In the News: “Urban Emotions” Project

The DFG research project Urban Emotions was mentioned in an interview of the regional newspaper Rhein-Neckar-Zeitung (in German only). The project aims at the development of a methodology to extract contextual emotional information for spatial planning based on real-time people-as-sensors and crowdsourcing approaches within social media. It is a collaborative project between ZGIS Salzburg University, the GIScience Research Group Heidelberg University and the TU Kaiserslautern (Regional & Environmental Planning). The goal is to analyse the trends of real-time human sensory and crowdsourcing approaches in social networks for the extraction of contextual emotion information for decision support in spatial planning and to develop it further to an innovative methodology for the domain of urban and regional planning. This methodology includes the correlation between emotions extracted from psycho-physiological smartband sensor measurements and different VGI and Social Media datasets (Twitter, Instagram, Flickr, etc.). Herein, the topics of data privacy and handling personalised data are inherently considered.

Urban Emotions GIScience Heidelberg University