DFG project on extracting emotions for urban research started

Recently the new research project “Urban Emotions” has started. It is funded by the German Research Foundation (DFG) and aims at the development of a methodology to extract contextual emotional information for spatial planning based on real-time people-as-sensors and crowdsourcing approaches with social media.

The spatial and social structures of a city and its underlying processes can trigger different collective and individual human emotions as a person’s response to such urban contexts. However, the integration of such human urban emotions into citizen-centric spatial planning processes is a major challenge in order to contribute to a changing understanding of spatial and regional planning.

The goal of the Urban Emotions project is to analyse data from real-time human sensory and crowdsourcing approaches in social networks for the extraction of contextual emotion information for decision support in spatial planning. This methodology includes the correlation between emotions extracted from psycho-physiological smartband sensor measurements and different VGI and social media datasets.

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