Month: May 2014

  • GIScience HD BBQ

    meet the team and enjoy the food and sun!

  • CrowdAnalyser Workshop 2014

    The ‘CrowdAnalyser Workshop 2014‘ successfully took place on Thursday, 08th of May and Friday, 09th of May. Organised by the PhD students of the research training group ‘CrowdAnalyser‘, the event was well attended. On Thursday, a lecture room in Heidelberg Collaboratory for Image Processing was crowded with 45 interested participants of the presentation and discussion…

  • Vacant position in GIScience Group: Research Associate in Social Science / Humanities

    Within the research project “NEOHAZ – NEOgeography of a Digital Earth: Geoinformation Science as Methodological Bridge in Interdisciplinary Natural HAZard Analysis” we offer new position as “Research Associate in Social Science / Humanities“. Further information can be found here: – Job posting: Research Associate in Social Science / Humanities

  • Low-cost 3D sensing of natural objects in the Dechen Cave

    In one of Germany’s most visited show caves, the Dechen Cave near Iserlohn, different objects were captured with the GIScience‘s high-end terrestrial laser scanner Riegl VZ-400 and the low-cost structured light camera Microsoft Kinect™ by Johannes Fuchs, Bernhard Höfle, Martin Hämmerle (LiDAR Research Group) and Andrea Schröder-Ritzrau (Institute of Environmental Physics). Morphometric features that are…

  • Improving the Quality of Cartographic Labeling

    The lettering process, including assigning names to point features, is an essential part of map production. While there have been numerous and varied research efforts to automate point-feature label placement (PFLP), none of them seems to have taken into account the many well-established cartographic precepts for point-feature annotation used by human cartographers. As a result,…