Citizen Science Search – a new platform for finding Citizen Science projects

A new platform for finding Citizen Science projects went online: “Citizen Science Search” ( helps to organize, publish and find projects related to citizen science. The focus is on projects related to German speaking countries as well as international projects, where citizens also can participate from German speaking countries. The service is brought to you by the GIScience Research Group of Heidelberg University in cooperation with the Heidelberg-based society for citizen science “Verein zur Förderung von Bürgerwissenschaft e.V.“ . The GIScience research group is involved in projects related to citizen science, e.g. related to quality assurance in biodiversity related citizen science platforms, crowdsourcing (in particular OpenStreetMap) or humans as sensors. In particular as geography and giscience is related to several aspects of citizen science (e.g. environmental sensing, mapping, localizing, spatial data quality etc.) we offer and develop a range of web services and tools that can be helpful in citizen science projects, such as map services, routing, geocoding, navigation, 3d visualization or data processing and spatial analysis.

Citizen Science Search